Paul Dougan

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Paul Dougan Photography: Biography

Some years ago, my good friend Karen Huntsman came to me and asked me if I would consider donating a few of my prints to the brand new Huntsman Cancer Center Hospital. Since then, it has been my honor and pleasure to have donated 160 prints to the Hospital. All of them are placed where they will bring comfort to the patients.  They especially like my flowers, and I have received notes from many friends who were getting mammograms and were distracted from the discomfort of the whole process by a huge rose or poppy.


Since 2007, I have had nine one-man shows, including my show "Found Color" that opens October 18, 2019 at Evolutionary Healthcare in Salt Lake City.  Examples of my work are in the collections of the Utah Museum of Fine Art and the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.  I am represented in Salt Lake City by Phillips Gallery, 444 East Second South, where my work has been included in group shows and some of my current work can be seen.  On this website you can see images from my most recent exhibits including Found Color.


While I have no formal education in photography or art, I have been very fortunate to attend workshops with some of finest photographers/teachers in the country, including Paul Caponigro, Eliot Porter, Jerry Ulesman and the very best, Jay Maisel.


When I was eight years old I began my photographic journey using a simple box camera and a Kodak 2C Autographic Camera my father bought in 1915.  In my senior year in college, using my first Leica, I became completely hooked on the beauty and mystery of photography.  I quickly learned that the camera is only a tool.  A better tool helps, but if you are not able to see, the very best tool will not produce interesting and creative images.

I divide my work into six general categories: street photography, landscape, flowers, reflections, found color, and previous work from film.